Tiny To-Do List Tweaks That Help Improve Your Productivity

To-do list got you down? If your list is a mile long and nothing seems to be getting done, here are a few tweaks you can make to feel more accomplished:

  • Break it down - make your tasks specific AND action oriented. Start each task with an action word like "email," "call," "research," etc. That way, when you quickly scan your list, you'll have an idea of what's required of you.
  • Chop it up - separate the NEEDS and the WANTS. Know what you *have* to do (and get it out of the way) while also being aware of your wish list. If neglecting something will bring negative repercussions, you know you need to prioritize it over something that would just be "nice" to do.
  • Cut it out - Keep it real. If your list is consistently overwhelming you, you may need a shorter list each day. You may also need to look at the list and decide what you need to delegate.
  • Check it off - make sure to check off things as you complete them. There's a certain satisfaction gained from knowing you got something done or crossed a mini milestone off the list. Honor that and your efforts - check things off and all the motivation to push you forward.

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Originally published on alaiawilliams.com

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