The Next 12 Months

Created by Alaia Williams

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Planners designed with business owners in mind.

Get your goals and plans out of your head, onto the page and in to action.

Tracking your to-do list isn't enough. You need a system that helps you track your goals, projects, plans and progress. These planners were made for you.

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What small business owners are saying:

I was feeling overwhelmed with too many to-dos, but now I feel like everything is manageable. You now have me thinking about systems and time management. This is an amazing planner.

Benir P.

Clean layout, friendly presentation - its not complicated or overwhelming. I love the marketing tracker because it helps me accountable.

Tara K.

I love the simplicity of The Next 12 Months: Weekly Planner - yet it has just the right amount of information for my needs. I use this planner exclusively to track my blog and YouTube page.

Lisa Parker

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Praise for the Weekly Planner

Without this business planner, I was all over the place keeping track of the many things that a subscription service involves. The simplicity of the layout, the undated pages, and the clean lines were a huge bonus for me. The marketing tracker is awesome! I constantly forget to update my social media pages, but now I am on a schedule that has raised my productivity a great deal. While I do not always feel like decorating my planner pages, the option and room to do so are there. If you run business, You Need This Planner!

Evonne C.

Helpful Planning Tips and Updates

5 Essential Systems Every Small Business Needs

5 Essential Systems Every Small Business Needs

If you want to have a successful business, having the right systems and processes in place is essential. Just about everything can be systemized - which is a great thing and an overwhelming thing all at the same time. So, what's most important and where do you start? Here are the five essential systems every small business needs:

3 Keys to Organizing Your Business This Year

3 Keys to Organizing Your Business This Year

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How to Make a Planner Your Business BFF

How to Make a Planner Your Business BFF

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